Accessing Apache Kafka environment in the Virtual Machine(VM)


  • Spark and Hadoop VM(datamakingvm.7z)


In this article, I am going to walk-through how to access Apache Kafka environment in the FREE Spark and Hadoop VM and the installation location of the Apache Kafka.

hello send it to my calendar making this is a condition video on setting up the free VMware which provided so if you already not the not the BF please come to this website called Spark and when click on this free Spark and Hadoop and its Centre is the request to send you the link ok so we provide in St Lincoln download it once you download IT industry follow our previous videos to setup the import the pm which we send input Ravi I'm Into You are in your virtualbox and restart using it right just made a couple of videos to configure this VM configured incorrectly logon to the p.m. cest access path and environment and do your work so I am good do you follow me previous video setup VPN and explain you what are the steps to access Apache kafka it's open source another commonly used a publisher subscriber distributed system used for many instances for real time streaming under processing processing and real time data processing so once you set up the VM configure the PF login to the PF this will be your we went to open it just click a control control all 22 the table in your path described the window the great open the start menu card of this type to terminate it login so to know where the current location URL CPWD so you are in the world and their future call dynamic so you and password for 10 p.m. I already provided which is the data making is a user and password also get anything so when you started but it not ask you the password not from just open directly so you are actually in the date of making use use of director is navigate to another is called mechanical work area and followed by software inside the time installed softwares in this location in this video player can't focus on how to access the custom broker for the server directory 2.12 iPhone 2.3.1

Super username/Sudo username: datamaking

Password: datamaking


In this article, we have successfully accessed Apache Kafka environment in the FREE Spark and Hadoop VM. Please go through all the steps and provide your feedback and post your queries/doubts if you have. Thank you.

Happy Learning !!!

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